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Have you ever thought about doing something crazy and stupid?

I'm being vague and subtle. I don't mean have you really ever done something crazy and stupid, i mean have you ever done something that wasn't good for you but you did it anyway and got the bad results you knew you'd get?  Let me explain...You ever try some serious drugs like heroin and expected… Continue reading Have you ever thought about doing something crazy and stupid?

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My Journey with 3 hearts. 

So, it's  been a while guys. I took a break from blogging, and worked on my new book, i also met someone. His name is Brian and he's very important to this story.   Also there is my bffe, JaQuess. She's also extremely important to this story.  Now you might be wondering about the title and… Continue reading My Journey with 3 hearts. 


An ordinary monster (short story)

This whole thing started how everything started.  Someone underprivileged,  someone ignored, someone bullied, someone pretending to be normal.  This all began in middle school.  There were a group of us at Fremont Middle,  that were ostracized for no reason.  Sure we were socially Awkward but we didn't deserve to be picked on for it.  There… Continue reading An ordinary monster (short story)